Despite its history as one of the oldest neighborhoods in Charlotte and a former center for a thriving middle class African American community, the Grier Heights neighborhood has experienced a slow decline. The current population of Grier Heights is approximately 3,332. Although Grier Heights enjoys a location in close proximity to downtown Charlotte and some of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods, unfortunately the advantages of its location have not resulted in the same prosperity for its residents. As shown below, the statistics pertaining to Grier Heights are alarming. But what the statistics do not show are the hopes and dreams of the long-time residents who love Grier Heights and care about its future.

The Charlotte Neighborhood Quality of Life Explorer (Profile Area 370) shows that Grier Heights suffers from a number of challenges:

High Poverty

Median household income at $18,440 is 26% of county average $71,000

46% of residents receive Food & Nutrition Services (County average 12%)

72% of residents receive Medicaid (County average 15%)

High Unemployment

75% of adults in the labor force are employed (County average 92%)

High Youth Population

42% of population under the age of 18 (County average 24%)

Lack of Education

11% of residents hold a Bachelor’s Degree (County average 44%)

72% of residents hold a High School Diploma (County average 90%)

20% student absenteeism (County average 11% of students missing 10% or more school days)

Substandard Housing

15% home ownership (County average 57%)

Average home sales price of $74,000 is 27% of county average $273,064

Housing code violations are double the county average

Funding Sources

With the belief that the revitalization of Grier Heights is a city-wide issue, CrossRoads solicits financial support from numerous public and private funding sources. Since its founding in 2008, CrossRoads has received grants and contributions totaling over $10,000,000. Included in that amount is ongoing support from Myers Park Presbyterian Church. To date, the church’s investment in Grier Heights totals over $4,000,000.

With commitment of financial resources, social capital, many volunteers and the neighbors of Grier Heights